Actress Anne Heche in ICU Saturday after driving into a Los Angeles home

According to reports, actress Anne Heche is in serious condition following a car accident in the Mar Vista district of Los Angeles.

Heche was the vehicle’s registered owner, and the Los Angeles Fire Department verified this to the Los Angeles Times while also stating that the collision severely burnt her. The department said that Heche was intoxicated and drove recklessly.

Actress Anne Heche in ICU Saturday after driving into a Los Angeles home

Around noon on Friday, Heche is accused of crashing the car into a 738 square foot, 70-year-old house, compromising its structural integrity and igniting a significant fire. The “stubborn flames” took more than an hour to completely put out after almost 60 firemen arrived on the site, according to the agency. Heche was extricated from the car and sent to a nearby hospital.

An unidentified person close to Heche told CNN on Saturday morning that Heche was “fortunate to be alive” and that Heche was “in the ICU.” She is facing a protracted rehabilitation because of her serious burns. Her team and family are still processing what happened before the disaster

According to reporter Rachel Kim of CBS 2 in Los Angeles, video from a Ring doorbell shows Heche’s blue Mini Cooper accelerating down a residential neighbourhood. She also showed video of the wrecked car being hauled away from the accident site.


TMZ also released video that seems to show Heche’s corpse being carried on a stretcher while covered in a white sheet.

Heche is well-known for her appearances in the movies “Donnie Brasco” and “Six Days and Seven Nights,” as well as the serial opera “Another World.”


She attracted public recognition for her relationship with comedian Ellen DeGeneres in the late 1990s. Heche was allegedly arrested after visiting a stranger’s house, having a shower, and staying there following her breakup with DeGeneres in 2000, according to People.


She wed Coleman Laffoon in 2001; the couple had a kid together. She had another kid with her “Men in Trees” co-star James Tupper, with whom she divorced in 2018, after he filed for divorce in 2007.


Heche has lately made appearances on television programmes including “All Rise” and “Chicago P.D.” She will also be seen in the currently in post-production programme “The Idol.”

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