Selena Gomez discusses what might cause her to permanently quit acting.

Selena Gomez discusses what might cause her to permanently quit acting.

Selena Gomez aspires to marriage and motherhood. And when that occurs, she makes the decision to leave Hollywood.

In the TaTatu video podcast Giving Back Generation, the Only Murders in the Building actress discussed her future and said that she would eventually get “weary” of living in Hollywood. She will want to concentrate on important matters instead.

She said on the show that she hoped to be married and have children (via Today). I’m going to become weary of this eventually, so before I quit, I’ll probably simply spend the majority of my time on charitable endeavours.

The singer brought up Gracie Teefey, her 8-year-old sister, and how seeing her grow and the part she plays in her life made her feel like a parent already.

She “puts things in perspective,” according to Gomez, who just turned 30. “I essentially have to see this child develop into a person. There is no finer sensation in existence. Despite not being a parent, I sometimes get the feeling of being one.”

Gomez, a mental health champion and beauty entrepreneur, recently shared her dating stipulations with one of her best friends, Francia Raisa, during a humorous game of the “He’s a 10” TikTok challenge.

Raisa began by saying, “He’s 10, yet his breath is awful. “And I can’t make it better?” Gomez queries. Raisa responds, “You tried,” making her closest friend squirm in displeasure.

The two confront one other throughout the movie about the man being a 10, but just enjoying Star Wars role-playing, detesting pets, and never allowing them to have another glass of wine. Both women concur that it is a deal-breaker for a man to be a 10, “but hate everything you’ve been in.”

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