48 children’s father strives to find love.

48 children's father strives to find love.

A man who has fathered 48 children and has 10 to 11 more on the way spoke about his difficulties in finding love, confessing that after telling women he is a semen donor, most of them are “not interested” in him. Kyle Gordy, 31, of Los Angeles, California, enjoys “giving to others,” therefore he donates his seed to lesbian couples, single mothers, and spouses and wives who are having trouble becoming pregnant on their own. Through social media, he advertises his free services, and instead of going through a bank, he distributes his seed to the women directly. Due to the anonymity of the donors, which means the new parents won’t know anything about the person who fathered their child, Kyle revealed that some people find it difficult to use banks and instead turn to him. Over the past eight years, he has assisted more than 40 moms in welcoming their babies, but as a result of his kind deed, he is finding it difficult to find love. I haven’t been on a date in ten years. He recently acknowledged to Truly, “I’ve told ladies about what I do in the past, and usually, they’re not interested after that point. “I understand you support ladies, but I wouldn’t want someone who has children with another woman,” they simply reply. They disagree with that. Eight years ago, according to Kyle, a lesbian couple he knew claimed they wanted to start a family but were hesitant to borrow money from a bank since they didn’t know the father’s history. He said that because they didn’t know the biological father’s background, “they felt really uneasy.” I then said, “Listen, I’m happy to donate to you and be known to the child at any point in time,” and we had a discussion. One of the women informed him that she was expecting his child two weeks later. Kyle claimed that after he assisted in their conception, more women started contacting him online, and things “just went off from there.” ‘ He admitted to the site that “I’ve helped create a number of families.” “I take it very seriously,” you say. Regular STD, semen, and genetic testing are all things Kyle does. To keep his seed in “tip-top shape,” he also avoids alcohol and tries to eat only healthy foods. The 31-year-old continued, “When you sit, you kill your [seed],” thus he spends the most of his time standing. Kyle has received a lot of criticism for his decision to contribute online, even though he has helped a lot of people, but it hasn’t defeated him. I frequently receive hateful remarks or emails, he admitted. Those who say, “You ought to be married; you shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t have kids without getting married.” I simply say, “Listen, I appreciate your decision, but these women need assistance.”

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