With an emotional, personal essay titled "I'm Terrible at Goodbyes,"

Serena Williams has ruled the tennis court for more than 20 years. Her reign has been nothing

short of legendary, winning 23 Grand Slam singles championships, more than 70 career 

14 Grand Slam doubles titles, among other trophies, medals, and more.

For this reason, the news from this morning has a note of disappointment for generations 

Williams made her retirement from tennis official in an emotional, private piece for Vogue.

In her piece for Vogue, the tennis legend confesses, "I have never liked the term retiring.

 I don't feel like it's a contemporary term. Williams decides to reclaim her story by choosing 

fresh word and viewpoint rather than embracing this new stage of her life 

"Evolution may be the best term to use to describe what I'm doing.