When she was 19 years old, Amanda Seyfried recalls filming naked scenes because she "didn't want to upset anyone."

At the age of 36, Amanda Seyfried has a long list of accomplishments under her belt

 including working with directors like David Fincher on Mank, Elizabeth Meriwether on The Dropout

David Lynch on Twin Peaks, and many more. However, the actress's path through

Hollywood hasn't been as glamorous or easy for the celebrity as it would seem.

She is an Oscar and Emmy nominee. In her latest profile with Porter magazine, Seyfried

discussed the precarious situation she found herself in when she was just a teenager breaking

into the business, including the pressure she faced to go nude for some

scenes she filmed when she was just 19 years old, and how she's experiencing and bearing witness to a changing

 "Are you kidding me, being 19 and wandering around without my underpants