The mean age of the 20,965 participants in the July 2022 study, which was published in PLOS Medicine, was 55.

The participants' average weekly alcohol consumption was 18 units, with just 2.7 percent of them abstaining entirely.

In comparison, 18 units are equivalent to around six large glasses of wine.

If you would rather drink beer, you may be pleased to learn that it is equivalent to seven and a half cans of your preferred brew. 

That proved to be too much in terms of maintaining brain health.

According to EurekAlert!, Anya Topiwala, a researcher at the University of Oxford, stated, 

"In the biggest study to date, we found consuming more than 7 units of alcohol weekly related with iron buildup in the brain."

"Poorer cognitive function has also been associated to higher brain iron levels.

Alcohol-related cognitive impairment could be caused by iron buildup."