It has come to light that two suspects who are sought in Australia for the 2005 murder of traveller

Simone Strobel won't be extradited from Germany. After Simone was strangled to death in February 2005,

the two are accused of assisting the main suspect, Tobias Moran (previously Tobias Suckfuell), 42, in burying Simone's corpse.

Surfer Moran has been granted bail after being charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and leaving her corpse near Lismore,

New South Wales, Australia. Two passengers who were travelling with the woman and her boyfriend have received 

further arrest warrants, allegedly for aiding and abetting murder and obstructing justice.

The two are now 46 and 43, respectively, and they reside in Bavaria. Due to severe German privacy rules, 

their names have been withheld. Australian extradition will not be a possibility, according to German media sources.