Camila Cabello Receives  A Terific Welcome To " The Voice"

Camilia Cabello is replacing Kelly Clarkson as a coach on The Voice for Season 22

which premieres on NBC on September 19.

In a recent preview of The Voice, Cabello receives the "perverse" remark

"You are going to lose." In this teaser, the singer gets pranked by Blake Shelton after joining 

In what seems to be a horror film teaser, Cabello is delighted to learn she has a secret admirer

The Voice set after getting a banner and presents. 

The fun, however, quickly comes to a stop when the singer receives a mystery message that reads

"You are about to lose so much! "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Legend shows in with a letter

like Cabello's that says, "You should never have came back," in his hand

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