After Donnie Wahlberg shares heartbreaking news, fans swarm him with support.

Donnie uploaded a number of images and videos of his pet dog, who had been his devoted

companion for 12 years, along with a moving tribute. "So many of you questioned me about Lumpy

 my regular buddy, throughout the Mix Tape Tour," Donnie wrote. 

Everyone missed having his jovial presence at my side, as always. 

I was questioned night after night. I uncomfortable avoided the subject night after night.

 I did this so that our time together at the meet & greet (and the performances) would

be filled with love, joy, and pleasure. Following the recent years of grief

pain, and struggle, there were three things that we all so sorely needed.

"As a result, it is with great sadness that I must notify you all that my beloved dog Lumpy passed away