8-year-old British child mauled by three sharks while on vacation in the Bahamas;

While on vacation in the Bahamas, an eight-year-old British child was mauled by three sharks

Having to be carried out of the water by his sister Lilly, Finley Downer of Kettering

Northamptonshire, was taken to the hospital right away with significant wounds on his legs.

His family had taken a five island vacation, which had featured Compass Cay's guided 

Michael, his 44-year-old father, told The Sun, "My kid may have been murdered.

It resembled a scene from the movie Jaws. He said that he had saw sharks swimming among 

Unaware that the nurse sharks were being fed at the time, Finley, 8, Lily

9, and Emily, 12, made the decision to enter the enclosure and play with the creatures.

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